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L78 Camaro/Chevelle/Corvette/Nova & Parts For Sale
L78 Camaro/Chevelle/Corvette/Nova Cars - Parts/Miscellaneous

Disclaimer: Personal listings are free for 90 days from the date posted. After 90 days the item will be removed to make room for new items. The seller will have the option of continuing the ad for 90 day blocks for $90 for each 90 day block. Payment must be prepaid and no portion is refundable if car is sold or the ad is pulled by the seller. Ad information must include, as a minimum, an email address so an interested party may contact you directly; name and/or phone number is optional.

The L78 Registry nor its owner guarantees the quality, application, or correctness of any parts or Chevelles/Camaros/Novas listed.

For commercial entities wishing to sell cars the cost is $100 for 3 months (90 calendar days) from the date posted. A small image and description is shown on this page with a link to an individual page with a complete description of the car provided by the commercial entity or to the commercial entities website. Thumbnail versions of the images are shown on the page with larger versions available as individual links. Images should be a minimum of 800 x 600 for best detail.

For commercial entities with a rotating inventory of Chevelles/Camaros/Corvette/Novas, arrangements can be made for the L78 Registry to host individual images and links to your website with details for a quantity of L78s.  Please contact me for arrangements.